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Impulse Missionaries

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I’m very excited as I write this column! As of last week, we officially are going to be the first parish in the Archdiocese to take part in a brand new initiative. The initiative, called Impulse Missionaries, will begin in our parish this coming August, when we will have a team of four missionaries (two men and two women), come and become a part of our parish, specifically to help evangelize the youth and young adults of our campus. This is a very exciting time for our parish, as we move into this new time of transition, and I am so excited for the Missionaries to arrive.

The program is modeled much like FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), in which a team of young men and women go to a college campus and evangelize college students through relationships. They encounter the young people where they are and walk with them in friendship. Those friendships develop into a means of evangelization, in which they proclaim the Gospel to them, walk with them through conversion, and equip them to become missionary disciples. The difference with Impulse is that instead of college campuses, the team of missionaries will be coming and working within our parish, to bring our young people into lives of missionary discipleship.

Impulse Missionaries Information
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Please keep this initiative in your prayers, and know of my continued prayers for you.

In Christ,

Fr. John Paul

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