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Twin Churches

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Reed, OH

According to a parish history of Reed Assumption, their church was designed by Erhard Brielmaier and Sons, architects of Milwaukee.


"It is my understanding that one of the original contributors to the building of the church [in Reed] was Jacob Landoll.  He later moved his family (12 children) to Lawton, Oklahoma.   Two of Jacob's sons, Phil and Albert, later traveled back to Ohio to review/copy (?) the building plans.  These two men helped to build a church in Lawton, called Blessed Sacrament.  It is amazing how similar the design and exterior of Blessed Sacrament is to Assumption ...  Family legend has it that when Phil was helping to build Blessed Sacrament, he put each brick into a bucket of water.  Those bricks that floated were rejected.  Nearly 100 years later, Blessed Sacrament is still solid!  Also, there are still Landoll's serving in the church and school at Blessed Sacrament in Lawton, OK." - Marilyn Landoll

Assumption Church was closed in 2005. “Sadly, as many individuals chose to move away or no longer exercise their Catholic faith, it was necessary to merge parishes in your area and throughout the diocese in 2005," wrote Bishop Daniel E. Thomas in a letter sent to the Rev. Jacob V. Gordon, the pastor of St. Gaspar del Buffalo, dated Dec. 26, 2017, providing reasons for the decision to demolish the closed church building in 2018. "The parish did not have sufficient funding for their upkeep."

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